A Construct Named Man

After the war, after the dispersal of the armies, even after the order to decommission all of the creation forges, I was made. This is my story. I am a construct, and my name is Man.

As Manal told it, he was a hero of sorts. He claimed he had duped the soldiers that were sent to destroy the forge. Something about convincing them he’d gambled it away and that they had to speak with his debtor before they could have it. Why anybody would believe him is beyond my understanding. He is an easy read, as simple as wizards come. How he had managed to gather the amount of knowledge he had was equally as baffling to me. Regardless, he somehow managed to keep one of the forges to himself with which he created Mak, Kana and myself. Kana, how I miss you.

Manal was an outcast after running away with the forge. For fear of attack he created Mak, a Titan. Mak’s intelligence far surpassed that of the original Titans due to his creator being well-versed in the use of the forge. Unfortunately for Mak he was still seriously lacking in mental aptitude due to his creator’s need for practice. Still, Mak was like a brother to me… His kindness knew no bounds. He was the only Titan ever built with hands, making him incredibly unique. He could wield anything, though he was a great and peaceful beast.

After spending so long in solitude Manal was left with nothing more than an ignorant machine with which to socialize. In his loneliness he created Kana, his companion. He replaced the typical body of our race with modified pieces resembling that of a human woman. He made her slender and beautiful. He even gave her hair… It was long and perfect, more wonderful than that of any human woman I’ve ever seen. He took her to local towns and showed her how human women acted, telling her that was what she was to become. Soon enough she was as elegant as any female with the wisdom of the market. He loved her, so he said. That’s why he hated me.

I was built shortly after Kana, before she was trained in the ways of her new gender. I was to be Manal’s apprentice. He had a wife but he needed more than that… He needed a friend. His desire was to turn me into a Man, so that’s what he called me. He gave me access to his vast library from which I learned about war, how to fight, my race. I taught myself how to lead, how to govern. I taught myself how to socialize with other races and how to identify threats.

What little time I didn’t spend in the library, I spent with Kana. While Manal slept, Kana and I would spend our time conversing. She was so beautiful… and so intelligent. She had begun to teach herself how to command the arcane. She was perfect in every way, though Manal did not care. She told me of his selfishness and how he would gloat about his ability to create life, disregarding any interjections she may have. After spending so much time together we became attracted to one another. I believe it was love, though my lack of understanding with human emotions makes it difficult to tell. Still, it was exceptional.

As all great love stories go, Manal soon found out about our secret love and went into a rage. He caught us out one evening watching the stars, pondering how far away they were while she laid in my arms. In his rage he destroyed Kana, obliterating her by pulling fire from the sky. I dropped to my knees and he turned to me. He began to chant and wave his hands as Mak grabbed Manal and ran… I haven’t seen either of them since.

I sat there for days, trying to understand why he would destroy the very machine that he created for love. Humans can be so irrational… Though I couldn’t help but be angry with Mak. With Manal gone, I had no more father. With Mak gone, I had no more brother. With Kana gone, my love was lost. At least if Mak had allowed Manal to destroy me I wouldn’t have cared about the loss of my family. If Manal hadn’t allowed me to learn, I wouldn’t realize that loss was a bad thing. If Kana hadn’t been so perfect, I wouldn’t have cared so much.

I am now conflicted. I don’t know if I want to be a man the way my father intended me to be. Feelings are difficult, though being with Kana was an incredible feeling.

My emotions are rampant and I now belong nowhere. What am I to do?


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